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Simple Way To Grow Vegetables In Small Balcony

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Simple Way To Grow Vegetables In Small Balcony

Have you dreamed of growing your own food? But felt confined due to small space?

We have a solution that will transform the way you perform gardening. A secret formula to grow 100% of your healthy harvest with 20% of the water that traditional gardening requires and with only 5% of the work, Square Foot Gardening!

Square foot gardening has been a revolutionary solution to all gardening enthusiasts.
It involves carefully measuring gardening space &planning which will have a huge impact on how much food you grow, and how much waste you can avoid.

Let’s understand the Square foot gardening,
This concept was developed by civil engineer Mel Bartholomew, author of Square Foot Gardening in 1981. As an affectionate gardener &an urban planner, Bartholomew brought attention to less efficient and productive methods of traditional single-row gardening. he combined his city design and planning skills with his green thumb to come up with the ever-practical square foot garden.

The Basic Setup For Square Foot Gardening:

  • 4-by-4 foot raised bed box (lined with weed barrier landscaping fabric if you want less weeds and you’re building on top of other soil). Or You can get 4 wooden crates for easy installation.
  • Fill the box with fertile potting soil (part 1/3peat moss, 1/3compost, and 1/3vermiculite).
  • Plant the seeds of your choice (recommended format Chart 1)
  • Water, grow, and Savor!

It is simple right? But what makes it different from other techniques is the square foot grid and the right nutrition for plant growth.

This grid is then fastened atop one’s 4-by-4 foot wooden beds, and used to measure and designate specific 1-by-1-foot planting areas for various herbs, veggies, and more.

Growing on the Grid

The secret here is planting certain vegetables in certain amounts (the number depending on the plant) within each square, at their ideal distances from one another. This helps to maximize the plant’s space and nutrient use while crowding out weeds as a living mulch and allowing you to grow more veggies in a small space, and even boost the plant health through companion planting, Check out Chart 1 for more information.

 Boost Your Seeds

In the same vein as planting using a grid, square foot gardening employs its own unique approach to seed starting. This involves improving immunity of your seedlings against soil borne diseases and giving nourishment for the most successful and productive Garden.

Seedlings are prone to the problem of failure to sprout to increase the germination rate & reducing the dissemination of soil and seed borne diseases good fertilizer is the key. Plant Growth Booster like Planta Gro helps in uniform germination for all crops, maintains overall health of the plant and ensures vigorous growth during the time of planting the seed.

Here’s your per-Square Planting Plan

Plant these in a square with each seed or plant forming one of the four corners. They should be placed at equal distances from each other and from the border of the grid, with one hole close to each corner of the square space.

Square Foot Gardening Layout

Basil, Garlic (for growing larger bulbs), Kohlrabi, Leeks (for growing larger plants), Lettuce (leaf), Onions (for growing larger bulbs), Winter radishes, Rutabaga, Summer squash (with cage), Swiss chard, Tomatoes (with cage), Zucchini (with cage)

Do you love square foot gardening and tend your own fruitful little patch of earth? Or are you one of the many out there who absolutely needs to try this efficient method – but haven’t yet?

Either way, please share your comments and experiences below. We love to hear from you!

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Happy Gardening!

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