Protease Enzymes Transforming Poultry Feed

A protease is a digestive enzyme that catalyses proteolysis, breaking down proteins into small peptides or single amino acids. They do this by cleaving the peptide bonds within proteins by hydrolysis, a reaction where water breaks bonds. Proteases are involved in many biological functions, including digestion of ingested proteins, protein catabolism (breakdown of old proteins) and cell signalling.

Protease in poultry feed can improve digestibility and reduce nutritional gaps. Due to improved protein digestibility, protease enzyme reduces hind gut fermentation by reducing undigested protein entering in the large intestine and thereby, improving gut health.

Exogenous protease enzyme supplementation in poultry feed enhances efficiency of poultry production by improving digestibility of low-quality feed ingredients, thereby minimising nutrient losses through faeces.  Exogenous protease enzyme reduces the feed cost by minimising nutrient level of poultry diet; without compromising the performance.

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BG-PRO™ - Optimal protein digestion and utilization