KNOCKPEST - Controls pests in a natural way

Knockpest deals with use of enzymes and microbial extracts and other growth factors that serve as pest control approaches. It interferes with the chemicals involved in the physiology, growth, molting, development and reproduction of insect pests. Knockpest is a 100% safe solution against a range of caterpillar, larvae of insects, aphids and bugs that grow on flowers and vegetables. It has a high potential to modify the plants from being eaten and also without leaving any undesirable compounds on the plant and leaving no residue in soil.

Benefits of Knockpest

  • An ecofriendly way of protecting plants from caterpillars and bugs.
  • Enhances the immunity against the large variants of insect pests.
  • Ensures a natural and safe way to check destroying of leaves and flowers.
  • Ensures a healthy safe and residue free harvest
  • A higher yield expected due to no plant parts being destroyed.

Product Design

  • Microbial Extract
55 %
  • Proprietary enzyme blend
  • QGF
3 %
  • Carrier
38-40 %

Safety Precaution

The product may cause irritation. Person handling this material should be protected against direct inhalation of the dust and contact with skin and eyes.


Store at or below 25˚ C. Close the container tightly after use.