CosBac: The Ultimate Gut Health Supplements for Poultry

CosBac is a uniquely blended, poultry feed additive, multi-species synbiotic product that promotes a beneficial gut microflora through the combined action of carefully selected probiotic microorganisms and prebiotics. It reduces pathogenic bacteria load and prevents early chick mortality. It is used as a probiotics in poultry to support gut health and improve production performance. CosBac reduces the pathogenic bacteria load and prevents early chick mortality, making it an essential gut health supplements for poultry.

Key Ingredients:

  • Bacillus subtilis (5 billion CFU/g)
  • Bacillus coagulans (3 billion CFU/g)
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus (2 billion CFU/g)
  • Prebiotic mix

Features that Set CosBac Apart from Other Gut Health Supplements:


  • DFM that survives pelleting temperature and unfavourable gut condition.
  • Blend of unique non-GMO strains that grow profoundly in the gut of monogastric animals.
  • Efficient and fast germination.
  • Maximizes the economic return by supporting liveability and productivity.
  • Proven compatibility with AGPs, coccidiostats and acidifiers.
  • Re-establishing balanced gut microflora during post-antibiotic application, enhancing the power of gut health supplements like CosBac.

Benefits of CosBac:

  • Promotes optimal development of gut microbiota especially post-hatch.
  • Production of short chain fatty acids (SCFA) and metabolites with proven activity against C.Perfringes, E.coli and S.enteritidis.
  • Builds up immunity against pathogens in early chick stage and mitigates infection risks including necrotic enteritis.
  • Re-establishes balanced gut microflora during post-antibiotic application.
  • Improves body weight gain (BWG) and FCR.
  • Effectively reduces early chick morbidity and mortality.
  • Supporting optimal gut health.
  • Positive effect on production environment.

Processing :

CosBac can be applied as a probiotics in chicken feed and pelletize up to 90°C.

Product Specifications :

  • CosBac – Direct fed microbial (DFM) for feed application
  • CosBac WS –Water application

Presentation :

CosBac available in 25 Kg HDPE drum and 20 Kg (5*4) pack size.
CosBac (WS) available in 500 g and 200 g pack size in bottle.