Business Associates

ABTL has joined hands in strategic areas of nutrition and enzymology with SEB group, California, USA for achieving our common goals.

Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies is a worldwide leader in the production of nutraceutical and industrial enzymes. SEB group is one of the largest manufacturers of enzymes derived from all four natural origins: plant, animal, fungus and bacteria using both solid state and submerge culture techniques of fermentation. As part of the SEB Group USA, Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies continues moving forward with modern technological advances and applications, providing more than 400 unique enzyme solutions for 25 industries.

The Philosophy Of Success

ABTL comprises of some of the most well-known and experienced professionals in the field. A missionary workforce of Bio-technologists, Nutritionists, Enzymologists, Bio-chemists, Animal Health Experts and HR personnel form the core of ABTL. The cumulative experience stands at an enlightening 300 years.

Core Values

We are a company of people engaged in the production of value-added products and services seeking to pursue truth and integrity committed to creating value for the consumer and our people in the process.