BactalisTM is a viable, naturally occurring and thermostable proprietary probiotic strain of Bacillus subtilis to be used as a feed additive to balance intestinal microbial flora and improved body weight gain.

Key Ingredients:

BactalisTM is a direct-fed microbial feed additive containingBacillus subtilis PLSSC endospores, available in two different concentrations.


  • Bacillus subtilis endospores that survives pelleting and unfavourable conditions.
  • Efficient and fast germination.
  • Effective dual mode of action by enhancing growth performance and healthy gut microbiota balance.
  • Optimizes and maintains gut microbiota balance.
  • Improves digestibility and better utilization of nutrients.
  • Regulates lipid metabolism and increases subcutaneous fat.
  • Increases body weight gain and improves FCR.

Benefits of Bactalis™ :

  • Consistently promotes growth, performance and healthy gut microbiota.
  • Production of short chain fatty acids (SCFA) and metabolites with proven activity against C.perfringes, E.coli and S.enteritidis.
  • Builds up immunity against pathogens in early chick stage and mitigates infection risks including necrotic enteritis

Processing :

BactalisTM is a feed additive and can be applied in poultry feed. It can be added into compound feed and pelletize up to 90°C.

Inclusion Rate :

Bactalis BCT

  • Pre-Starter and Starter: 500g/ton of feed
  • Finisher: 250-500g/ton of feed
  • Layer/Breeder: 250-500g/ton of feed

Bactalis BCT20

  • 50g/ton of feed

Presentation :

Available in 25 Kg HDPE drum and 20 Kg (5*4) pack size.