Every second, more than 24,000 liters of milk are produced in the world and feed enzymes play a key role in efficiently feeding dairy cows with properly formulated rations. Feed cost is the major part of the overall cost of milk production and nutrition experts rely on high quality feed supplements to meet the nutritional needs of dairy cows.

ABTL, a leading innovator in livestock nutrition is the driving force for the use of its enzymatic solutions in dairy cow ration formulation. Our high quality nutrition solutions help to ensure maximum animal performance and health and our product portfolio is the preferred choice of nutrition professionals.

Maximize Milk Production

Producers get paid on the volume of milk produced. Poor quality forages and improper feeding regimens leave some dairy cows producing lower than their genetic potential. Finding improved methods of feeding animals and better ways to meet the animals’ daily nutrient requirements can drastically improve milk production. ABTL’s cattle solutions deliver performance through:

  • Quality you can count on and the services and support you can trust
  • Research you can believe in and the results you can take to the bank

Our Products Range