V-COMP - Ensures odour free, easy decomposing

V-Comp is a dynamic combination of microbes with a proprietary blend of enzymes .It has the unique potential to decompose vegetable waste in an effective manner within a short span of time. It is a strategically designed mixture of decomposing bacterial which is much superior to any decomposing microbial culture used in vegetable waste decomposition

Benefits of V-Comp

  • Makes compost ready for use in shorter duration by 25-30% than the normal.
  • Preserves environment by biodegradation of waste to nutritive organic manure.
  • Enhances the soil quality and prevents growth of harmful bacteria,
  • Rapidly removes foul odour of decaying plant material, thus repels mosquitoes and flies.
  • Prevents leaching of nutrients from waste and improves the compost quality.
  • Reduces time required for composting

Mode of Action

It is a unique blend of substrate specific microbes and enzymes that works synergistically to break most of the complex natural organic matter, which helps to achieve higher nutritive compost.


Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.