It contains an eco-friendly mixture of enzymes & beneficial microbes which boost the germination rate of seeds.

Benefits of Ovarich™

  • Helps in uniform germination of crops.
  • Reduces the dissemination of soil and seed borne diseases.
  • Keeps plant healthy and vigorous during the time of establishment.
  • Reduces mortality of vegetable seedling after planting.

Product Design

  • Lactobacillus spp. > 50×106cfu/g -5-10%
  • Yeast Extract – 1 %
  • Proprietary enzyme blend – 1-3%
  • QGF … 3 %
  • Carrier – 81-88 %

Safety Precaution

This product may cause irritation. Person handling this product should be protected against inhalation of its dust & contact with the skin or eyes.


Store at or below 25oC, away from sunlight. Close the container tightly after use.