BKILL™ is a unique biological mixture for use as soil applications and seed treatment in agricultural food and fiber crops, trees, including tree seedlings for transplanting. This product is a unique blend of eco-friendly biocontrol micro-organisms and enzymes, which enhances immunity against fungal diseases caused by pathogenic Fusariumspp, Rhizoctoniaspp, Sclerotiaspp and Pythium, Phytophthoraspp observed in agricultural plants.

BKILL™ is a 100% safe product derived by controlled growth of naturally occurring microbes and enzymes under strictly hygienic conditions.

Benefits of Bkill™

  • Helps in maintaining soil health by removing pathogenic factors
  • Enhance plant immunity

Product Design

  • Microbial Extract – 60 %
  • Proprietary enzyme blend – 2-4%
  • QGF … 3 %
  • Carrier – 33-35 %

Advantage of Bkill™

  • Bkill™ removes susceptible disease causing agents from soil and increases the productivity of the soil.
  • It increases the natural immunity of plants.

Amount and Use

  • For Spraying – 2.5 gm per litre of water.
  • Soil Application – 500 gm per acre.
  • Seed Treatment – 200-250 gm per 10 Kg of seed.