It is a unique combination of microbes, a proprietary blend of enzymes which has potential to decompose the press mud effectively in short span of time.
  • It’s not only mixture of decomposing bacteria culture it’s a unique consortium of microbes and a proprietary blend of enzymes which is much more than superior than any decomposing the culture used in agro residue decomposition.
  • Helps in reducing the composting period by 20 to 30 % as compared to normal, which eventually reduce the cost of turning, labour and maintenance of vehicle.
  • Acticomp™ treated well decomposed press mud release more biological form of nutrient to the soil which helps in improving soil health. Itis useful for removing odour and flies also.
  • The Acticomp™ has the ability to suppress the harmful bacteria and side effect of decomposition processes.
  • Agro residue or organic waste contains complex polysaccharides and waxes which disturbing the soil health and eventually reducing the soil fertility the blend of enzymes is capable enough to decompose these high polysaccharides and waxes effectively.

Benefits of Acticomp™

  • Rapidly removes foul Odour of decaying plant material
  • Preserves environment by biodegradation of waste to nutritive organic manure.
  • Prevents leaching of nutrients from waste and improves the compost quality.
  • Reduces time required for composting.
  • Prevents growth of harmful bacteria, repels mosquitoes and flies.
  • Compost shall be ready for use in 25-30% shorter period than the normal.

Mode of Action

Acticomp™ is a unique blend of substrate specific microbes and enzymes that works synergistically to break most of the complex natural organic matter, which helps to achieve higher nutritive compost.


Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


500 to 750 gms / tonne of agricultural farm waste/ Press mud/Garden waste