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ABTL has entered into the Urban Gardening sector to provide solution to maintaining soil health and ensuring better nutritional benefits and a residue free environment. The range of products envisages to make a more greener space which in turn will! provide aesthetic benefits to a highly stressed lifestyle in urban society. Home gardeners develop the skills of having a green thumb with minimal effort with our range of products ensuring a rich benefits.

The use of beneficial microbes and enzymes in the home gardening sector not only allows a healthier, greener solution but also an ownership pride along with providing a residue free environment. With time the urban gardening concept has taken up a tremendous centre stage and is making us aware of the present day requirements. A green society is always a preferred choice in a concrete jungle. It is the first attraction even before the choice of a home is made. Therefore builders and architects need to keep in mind the ever growing requirement and available green space in their construction. ABTL urban gardening products will not only initiate ‘Go Green concept’ with the use of enzymes and microbial fermentation along with aesthetic benefits, but also a lot of opportunities to be creative in home decor, gardening, cooking and especially to add the essential ‘chemical free’ greens in the diet with pride. The time to replicate and follow nature’s way has come. Nature leaves no waste unattended, it recycles and reuses. Therefore, a society with zero waste policy is also another choice that needs to be inculcated consciously in our lives by easy decomposing waste by way of enzymes and microbes.

Enzymes and beneficial microbes work together to create benefits such as;

  • Faster uniform growth
  • Guard roots against harmful microbes
  • Enrich soil micro biome
  • Protect contaminated root zone
  • Earlier maturation
  • Larger and higher-quality harvests

The natural benefits of enzymes make the future look bright in integrating the technology into a wider scope of usages both in soil based and hydroponically grown plants. This will provide health benefits with favorable outcomes to a chemical free environment.

Providing a low cost organic solution to alleviate food security in urban landscape and thereby reducing the global environmental distress. Helping customers grow their own vegetables and providing opportunities and challenges to convert high end – value into business opportunities for the urban and peri urban poor.

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