Georich™ comprises of mixture of enzymes and beneficial microbes that enhance the productivity and improve soil health. It improves the overall growth of the plants by causing effective growth of roots thus leading to higher intake of nutrients by plants and thereby healthy plants.

Benefits of Georich™

  • Increases the soil microbial count thus improving soil health.
  • Develops the root biomass and increases the uptake of soil nutrients.
  • Increases the new tillering, shoots and branching of crop plants.
  • Enhances the crop yield by 15 to 20 %.
  • Reduces chemical fertilizer requirement by 20 to 25 % .
  • Decreases the soil salinity and alkalinity.
  • Improves resistance against various soil borne diseases.
  • Suitable for all types of soils, crops and seasons.

Product Design

  • Lactobacillus spp. > 50×106cfu/g-5-10%
  • Yeast Extract – 3 %
  • Proprietary enzyme blend–3-5%
  • QGF … 3 %
  • Carrier–79-86 %

Safety Precaution

This product may cause irritation. Person handling this product should be protected against inhalation of its dust & contact with the skin or eyes.


Store at or below 25oC, away from sunlight. Close the container tightly after use.