ABTL -The Genesis

As the newer business environment emergence puts us under enormous challenge to innovate the animal agriculture business tools and techniques and improvise on its value added technologies and ethics. Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Limited (ABTL) began its journey by leveraging its expertise in enzyme technology to address global challenges and aim to improve lives around the world. Our focus was to synergize the efforts of scientific community in terms of technology application response and the demand for food safety, security and nutrient availability.

ABTL’s technology assists our customers in building more sustainable businesses and documenting environmental benefits. Sustainability benefits for customers with Enzymatic solutions.

ABTL - New Business Vistas

The ABTL powerhouse converges on innovating the animal agriculture business techniques and extemporizes as and when required on its value-added technologies and ethics.

Our Business Belvedere

ABTL’s ascertainable approach comprises the gazebo that encompasses the edible animal agriculture through its validated technologies.

Our Product Panorama

The ABTL force enduringly revitalizes and consolidates its supremacy in the products perspective that formulates the basis of the efficacy & efficiency of the pith & potency of enzymes procreation.