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The opportunities and challenges driving the global agricultural community are complex and daunting. A growing world population, changing dietary habits and volatile weather conditions to name just a few are affecting agricultural production today and in the future. The world not only needs to increase crop productivity and food security but also requires nutrient security to feed approximately 10 billion people by 2050. Some of the key challenges ABTL crop sciences try to address are:

  • How can we help agricultural crops thrive in a deteriorating soil and changing climatic conditions?
  • How can we technologically support the crop growers, from being subsistence farmers to large-scale farm operators?
  • And how can we assure that only high-quality nutrient rich and safe food reaches the consumer?

We at ABTL are committed to help tackle these challenges with our expertise in high value innovative biological solutions and services for enhancing fertility, productivity, and protection for modern sustainable agriculture. Our daily work in the laboratories and on the ground focuses on how we can help farmers across the country and the globe to overcome their challenges. With the “Brain of a scientist” and the “heart of a farmer” we bring innovative biosolutions directly to our customers, along with reliable services and advice. And thus support food and nutrient production where it begins: on the field. At the same time we are passionate about the future of agriculture and want to make an important contribution. By driving a sustainable productivity increase, we aim to advance global food and nutrient security.

Maxpro For a higher yield:

Maxpro comprises of a range of bioactive organic peptides and amino acids. It acts as an organic bio stimulant which is essential for the development of stem, leaves, flowers and fruits for all plants. It can be used in grapevines, citrus, mango, vegetables like brinjal, tomato, cucumber, chilly, leafy vegetables, Cole crops, flowers and ornamental crops.

Its bio stimulant properties triggers the growth at important developmental stages of a plants life like development of roots, and buds, flowering, pollination and fruit setting. It is fortified with Amino acids can directly or indirectly influence increase in yield and overall quality of crops physiological activities of the plant as they are the building blocks of protein. The best source of amino acids for humans is from plants.

Benefits of Maxpro:

  • Provides an organic source of plant nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Improves nutrient availability by enhancing soil microbial activity.
  • Increases soil microbial life and organic matter breakdown.
  • Prevents disease caused by soil borne organisms and insects
  • Produces healthier plants.
  • Helps to improve soil structure and texture.
  • Reduces dependence on synthetic fertilizers

Product Design:

  • Organic composition obtained from proteins and peptides and amino acids, essential Vitamins, Inorganic fraction source of minerals and aqua.


Recommended at 3 ml per litre. Shake well before use.
Maxpro can be used in soil irrigation and foliar spray.

Storage and safety precaution:

Store at or below 25˚C in a cool and dry place. Store the container tightly after use.

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