Proven blend of Enzymes with Probiotics for assured results. The use of synthetic and inorganic products help to enhance the milk production in dairy animals but on a long term basis, it is hazardous to animals. Dairy industry needs innovative and natural substances, free from any deleterious and side effects, to enhance the milk production in the milch animals.

Gesty-Fi is a feed additive containing beneficial microorganisms, their metabolites and enzymes to enhance the milk production in dairy animals.

Benefits of Gesty-Fi

  • Improves Fibre Digestibility
  • Enhance Milk Production
  • Improves Fat & Protien Content of Milk
  • Stimulates the growth of beneficial Bacteria in the Rumen
  • Boost Up Immunity
  • Reduce Mortality


20 gm per animal per day.

Shelf Life

Two (2) years from the date of manufacture.


Available in 25 Kg in HDPE Drum.