ABTL envisions a comprehensive expansion of itself comprising of scientific knowledge base. We endeavour to become a global-class healthcare organization building up a value-addition system, which creates an all-inclusive impact on productivity, quality and national prospects of animal agriculture.


ABTL with all its zest will carry forward the mission of animal welfare which directly impacts consumer well-being. This will be achieved by acquiring above average levels of food safety and scientific knowledge blended with environmental welfare.

ABTL strives to create a positive impact by balancing good business for our customers, while spearheading technological, environmental and social transformation to ensure optimization of feed and food resources for mankind.

Quality Standards

One of our important goals at ABTL is to be recognized as a leader in quality management, regulatory compliance and supplier management.
Our ability to anticipate and understand our customers’ present and future needs enables us to deliver high-quality solutions which exceed customer expectations. We have mastered the ability to tailor enzymatic properties as per the requirements and develop safer and effective enzymatic biosolutions.

Our Network

ABTL has grown to become a mark of global standards while delivering its bouquet of products and realm of services to its clientele across India through an exceptional and definitive distribution & logistics network spanning the whole country.

Impact areas

The aura of ABTL impact is fast covering the fusion of customers in many countries in the Asia region – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Middle East and other markets.