BG-PRO™ - Optimal protein digestion and utilization

Protein is one of the most expensive components of any livestock diet, but is essential for growth. The challenge, therefore, is to use protein as efficiently as possible so as to reduce feed costs without compromising animal health. Proteases are enzymes that break down protein molecules into the amino acids and peptides needed by animals. BG PRO is a unique combination of acid, alkaline & Neutral protease enzymes that reduces the feed costs by maximizing protein utilization and improving nutritional value. Incorporating BG PRO in diets helps reduce feed costs without compromising performance.

Benefits of BG-Pro™ :

Reduced cost of feed and meat/egg production by:
  • Increased protein digestibility and improved protein utilization by the animals
  • Optimizing use of lower digestibility feed ingredients, thereby lowering inclusion level of costly protein sources
  • Introduction and/or increased use of cost-effective, locally available alternative feed ingredients
  • Optimizes amino acid digestibility and increased the metabolizable energy
Better production performance due to:
  • Improved protein digestibility and efficient energy utilization
  • Helps in sustaining optimum gut health
Environment protection by reducing the nitrogen excretion from animal husbandry
  • Reduction in hindgut fermentation and reducing nitrogen waste Ingredient risk management
  • Minimizing effects of anti-nutritional factors (ANF) in feed ingredients by directly degrading them or by increasing their exposure to endogenous enzymes
Specifically developed for inclusion in animal diets, BG PRO significantly increases the digestibility of protein. It complements naturally occurring proteases in feed, and considerably increases amino acid and peptide supply so as to enhance animal performance. It improves the digestibility of a wide range of protein sources and cereals, allowing savings in diet costs.