Total Phytate Solutions

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient in livestock diets. It affects growth, reproduction and feed use. Much of the naturally occurring phosphorus in feed ingredients is unavailable to animals. With most plant phosphorus being excreted undigested, inorganic phosphate has to be added to diets to compensate.

Phytases are digestive enzymes which release plant phosphorus from phytic acid. Monogastric animals lack sufficient phytases to release the phosphorus. Adding extra phytases to the diet increases phytate breakdown and consequent utilization of plant phosphorus. If phosphorus in the diet is utilized more efficiently, then less of this substance is excreted. This reduces the impact of livestock production on the environment. If more phosphorus is available naturally, then less of this substance has to be added to the diet. This greatly reduces feed costs. Phytase is the most widely used feed enzyme in the world, included in ~95% of poultry and ~80% of pig diets.

Adphos – Total Phytate Solution
Adphos 5 – Total Phytate Solution
Adphos 10

ADPHOS® phytases the key

Our ADPHOS phytate solutions deliver exceptional phosphorus release in combination with outstanding thermostability, reliability and consistency. ADPHOS® is our most powerful and active phytase, delivering exceptional thermostability and consistent increases in phosphorus availability.
It ensures maximum performance and ease of use at temperatures as high as 95° C (203°F) and also allows rapid release of phytase in the upper part of the gut to achieve optimum bio-efficacy. It goes one step further, by maximizing phytate destruction and producer profitability. Our highly bio-efficacious phytase feed enzymes offer unprecedented digestibility and phytate destruction benefits, increasing the availability of phosphorus, calcium, energy and amino acids to the animal.
Our technical supportive services utilizes accurate, well researched species specific matrix values that take into account factors such as substrate levels, diet variation and the age of the animal to calculate the optimum dose of feed phytase to achieve maximum profitability.
ADPHOS phytase delivers great increase in phosphorus release, improving performance and cutting costs. By increasing phytic acid degradation and the availability of plant phosphorus it offers major benefits for poultry producers, including:
  • Better sustainability of animal production.
  • Reduced feed and poultry production costs.
  • Maximal breakdown of phytate in the feed.
  • Lower levels of inorganic phosphorus in diets.
  • Enabling improved performance and greater business sustainability.
  • Release of other nutrients and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Amino Acids etc.

Site of Action :

In chickens, 69.84% of ADPHOS activity is in the crop & proventriculus and 27-33% of phytase activity is found to be in the small intestine.

Application of Adphos :

  • Reduce the supplement of costly inorganic phosphorus in feed, and thereby reduce the feed cost.
  • Increases the utilization & efficiency of minerals, protein and other nutrients.
  • Increases the space in feed formula to improve feed quality.

Pelleting Application of Adphos :

Adphos can be used in pellet feed as it can withstand pelleting activity upto 85° C for 30- 60 Seconds