XylaOpt - Energy Booster for Poultry
XylaOpt - Energy Booster for Poultry



XylaOpt is an endo-1,4-β-xylanase, which opens up the cell walls of the feedstuffs, by breaking down the long chain of arabinoxylan molecules to shorter xylo-oligomers so that valuable entrapped nutrients can be released for digestion. XylaOpt is an intrinsically thermostable xylanase enzyme with optimal pH activity profile that targets the arabinoxylan fraction in dietary fibre, resulting in improved digestibility & increased performance. It accelerates nutrient absorption by reducing digesta viscosity & improving passage rate thus providing consistency, flexibility & reliability.


A. Unique pH activity profile in the 5.6-7.0 pH range, which helps the enzyme deliver maximum nutrient release & absorption in the small intestine.
B. Surviving the enzymatic breakdown in the Proventriculus, Gizzard & not hydrolyzed by pepsin.
C. Optimal NSP breakdown & energy release.
D. Reduces impact of feedstuff variability on performance.
E. Economical advantage with lower feed cost.


100g/ton of feed


25 Kg HDPE drum