About BG-Pectin™

  • Pectins are important constituents of the primary cell walls and intercellular regions of higher plant tissues (e.g., soybean oilmeal, rapeseed meal and sunflower meal) and are extremely variable in chemical structure.
  • This variation in structure of pectins affects the physico-chemical properties, which affects nutritional physiological activities.
  • Pectin (or polygalacturonide) is a collective term for polysaccharides that are characterized by a linear backbone of 1—>4 linked D-galacturonic acid units. These units are interrupted by L-rhamnose-rich regions, which mainly contain L-arabinose, D-galactose and L-xylose as side chains. The carboxyl groups of D-galacturonic acid are methylated to a different extent and they may be acetylated.

Benefits of BG-Pectin™ :

  • Pectins like other NSPs also increase the feed viscosity, reduces passage rate and affect gut health in birds.
  • BG-Pectin degrades the pectin backbone and improves feed utilization. It increases daily weight gain and reduces feed conversion ratio.
  • Broad pH range of activity, good thermostability, suitable for feed pelleting process.