• β-Mannans are one of the important components of non-starch polysaccharides(NSPs) found in leguminous feed ingredients and are widely distributed across cereal grains.
  • Soyabean meal, Cocunut meal, Palm Kernel meal, Guar meal, Sesame meal, Rice bran, Full fat SBM, Sunflower meal and Rapeseed meal comprises significant Mannan component.
  • β-Mannans triggers an Feed Induced Immune Response (FIIR) which consumes energy and nutrients. Upto ~3% ME is consumed by the immune response.
  • Mannans also increase the viscosity of feed, thereby decreasing feed efficiency, growth and amino acid digestibility.
  • BG-Mannan is an Endo-1,4-ß-D-mannanase enzyme which degrades mannans produced by fermentation of Trichoderma citrinoviride.
  • The enzyme cleaves randomly within the 1, 4-ß-D-mannan main chain of galactomannans & mannans.

Benefits of BG-Mannan®

  • Degrades anti nutritional factors like, ß mannan, thus reducing the anti nutritional effects of mannans.
  • Does not trigger the Feed-Induced Immune Response (FIIR).
  • Increases the digestion and absorption of feed.
  • Improve absorption of glucose and the metabolism of carbohydrate,resulting into availability of more
    metabolizable energy.
  • Stimulates the amino acid utilization of body cells, thus helping the protein synthesis.

Recommended Dose :

The actual dosage may depend on feed composition and hence it should be prescribed by nutritionist.

Storage Stability :

The storage stability of BG-Mannan was studied after mixing it into commercial poultry feed and stored for 6-7 months. The analysis of the moved feed was carried out once in a month.

Shelf Life :

About 2 years in original sealed drums at or below at 25°C.