About BG-Cellulose™

Cellulose is a structural polymer of repeating glucose units and is the most globally abundant fiber. Cellulases are essential enzymes for cellulose degradation into subunits. BG-Cellulose is an endo-1, 4-β-D-glucanase enzyme that decomposes the fiber in feed materials into low-molecular metabolites which can be absorbed and used by animals easily, to improve feed utilization and increase animals’ performances. BG-Cellulase catalyzesendo-hydrolysis of (1,4)-β-D-glucosidic linkages in cellulose thus plays an important role in acting on feed materials, to break the structure of plant cell wall and decompose fibers in the feed materials into monosaccharide which can be absorbed and used easily by animals. Exposedness of the contents in cells and release the wrapped nutrient substances to improve feed utilization. Improve feed utilization. Reduce the nutrient substances in animal manure so as to reduce pollution to the environment.

Benefits of BG-Cellulose™ :

  • Improve digestion and absorption of nutrient substances in animal feed, adjust the immunizing power and enhance the anti-stress ability of animals.
  • Increase daily weight gain and reduce feed conversion ratio.
  • No pollution, no residues and environmental protection.
  • Broad pH range of activity, good thermostability, suitable for feed pelleting process.