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A high performance and refined enzyme combination to improve the performance of modern poultry diets.

The Challenge

The profitability of poultry production is tied closely to controlling feed costs. In markets where easily available, the use of high fibre feed ingredients can substantially reduce feed costs. However, adding these ingredients makes the diet more nutritionally complex, increasing fibre and protein anti-nutrients, as well as providing more indigestible protein and amino acids, which in turn can lead to reduced animal performance and increased environmental pollution.

PRO-MaXYL: The comprehensive solution for flexible poultry diet formulation

Established heritage of producing innovative, bioefficient xylanase, mannanase, protease and phytase combinations that deliver excellent return-on-investment (ROI). PRO-MaXYL is a blend of Non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes, protease and phytase to deliver a comprehensive solution for maximal nutrient digestion and utilization.

An optimized combination of xylanase, mannanase, proteases (acid, neutral and alkaline) and phytases PRO-MaXYL meets the current market need for cutting feed costs by increasing energy efficiency, protein utilization, minimizing anti-nutrient action and improving bird performance in both corn-based and more complex diets.

Benefits of PRO-MaXYL™ :

  • Reduces the anti-nutritional effect of ANFs such as NSP, and phytate in the feed.
  • Significantly enhances dietary protein digestibility and maximizes protein utilization with its triple protease action.
  • Radical reduction of net feed cost/tonne through optimized nutrient availability, offering greater flexibility in feed formulation.
  • Incorporation of PRO-MaXYL in commercial broiler feed one can adjust 95 Kcal, while in case of commercial layer feed 70 Kcal ME can be adjusted.
  • PRO-MaXYL offers the flexibility to reduce 5% total protein present in feed, thereby significantly reducing the protein cost in the feed.
  • Intestinal viscosity is reduced, resulting into liberation, digestion & absorption of entrapped nutrients.
  • Superior product characteristics – thermostable up to temperatures of 90°C, free flowing and dust free.


500g/MT or as recommended by a nutritionist

Shelf Life

Two (2) years from the date of manufacture

Presentation :

Available in 500 gm pack size X 50 Nos. in HDPE Drum.