ABM Forte – Energy Conversing Enzyme


β-Mannans: The problem component in the feeds

  • β-mannans (β-galactomannans) are non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) fibers found in leguminous feed ingredients.
  • β-Mannans are one of the important components of non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) found in leguminous feed ingredients and are widely distributed across cereal grains.
  • Soyabean meal, Cocunut meal, Palm kernel meal, Guar meal, Sesame meal, Rice bran, Full fat SBM, Sunflower meal and Rapeseed meal etc., comprises significant Mannan component.
  • β-Mannans trigger an Feed Induced Immune Response (FIIR) which consumes energy and nutrients. The immune response is known to consume up to ~3% ME.
  • Mannans also increase the viscosity of feed, thereby decreasing feed efficiency, growth and amino acid digestibility.
  • β-Galactomannans are found in the endosperm layer of legume seeds (Soyabean meal, Guar meal, Sunflower meal and Sesame meal etc.)
  • The presence of the β-mannan fibers can have the effect of reducing glucose absorption, insulin secretion and increasing viscosity.
  • This triggers an innate immune response which consumes energy and nutrients. Even small amounts of β-mannans trigger the response.


  • AβM FORTE™ is a proprietary enzyme complex manufactured by ABTL with its major component being an endo-1, 4-βmannanase belonging to the group of Hemicellulases.
  • It is a unique energy-conserving complex, produced by fermentation process using Trichoderma citrinoviride. The endo-1,4-βmannanase catalyzes random hydrolysis of β (1->4)-beta-D-mannosidic linkages in mannans (galactomannans and glucomannans).
  • By breaking down β-mannans in feed materials AβM FORTE™ minimizes the metabolizable energy (ME) loss caused by stimulation of the non-specific Feed Induced Immune Response (FIIR) from β-mannans.
  • AβM FORTE™ thus allows more energy to be available for animal growth and performance. Also has optimized levels of Xyalanase, Cellulaseand Pectinase enzymes for total destruction of NSP in mixed grain diets.

Recommendations for Use

AβM Forte is a unique enzyme produced by fermentation of Trichoderma citrinoviride. The active ingredient is Endo-1,4-β-D-mannanase.

Species: Broilers; Layers; Breeders


Inclusion Rate

AβM Forte(dry) 75g/Mt of feed

Mannanase 10,00,000IU/g, Xylanase,
Cellulase and Pectinase

  • Protein Digestibility: 2-2.5%
  • Fiber Digestibility: 8-10%
  • Energy by 80-120 kcal/kg feed
Pack size: 5,10,25Kg

Benefits of AβM FORTE™ :

AβM FORTE™ directs bird’s energy towards growth & performance and have demonstrated following benefits:
  • Conserving energy by reducing Feed-Induced Immune Response (FIIR)
  • Lowering FCR and Increasingbody weight
  • Significant reduction in digesta feed viscosity
  • Stimulating lipid utilization and amino acid digestibility
  • The degradation products Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) help in adsorption of Mycotoxins from feeds, promoting healthy bird growth
  • Reduced medicine and additive dependency
  • Promoting dry litter and less faeces with low moisture content


The actual dosage may depend on feed composition and hence it should be prescribed by nutritionist.

Storage Stability :

Two (2) years from the date of manufacture

Presentation :

Available in 500 gm pack size X 50 Nos. in HDPE Drum.