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What is Bio Enzyme Fertilizers? And What Are Advantages Of Bio Enzyme Fertilizers

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Bio enzyme is an eco-friendly soil supplement, for improving soil quality and plant health.

The use of beneficial microbes and enzymes in the home gardening sector not only allows a healthier, greener garden but also an ownership pride to the gardener. The best part of Bio Wnzyme products are that they are providing a residue free environment. With time the urban gardening concept has taken up a many glances and gathered curious minds making us aware of the present day requirements. 

A green space in form of balcony, terrace garden or lawn in backyard is always a preferred choice in a concrete jungle. It is the first attraction even before the building begins it’s development stage. Therefore builders and architects need to keep in mind the ever growing requirement and available green space in their construction. 

ABTL urban gardening products will not only initiate ‘Go Green concept’ with the use of enzymes but green corner provides aesthetic benefits and a lot of opportunities to be creative in home décor and health monitoring. Growing the essential ‘chemical free’ microgreens, spices and incorporating them in the diet is a great way to achieve good health while protecting environment.  The time to replicate and follow nature’s way has come. Nature leaves no waste unattended, it recycles and reuses. Therefore, a society with zero waste policy is also another choice that needs to be inculcated consciously in our lives by easy decomposing waste by way of enzymes and microbes.

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 The natural benefits of enzymes make the future look bright, providing a low-cost natural solution to alleviate food security in urban gardening landscape and thereby reducing the global environmental distress. Helping people grow their own vegetables and providing opportunities and challenges to convert high end – value into business opportunities for the urban and peri urban poor.

Bio enzyme fertilizers are very useful for plant growth. Repelling pest without using pesticides, by spraying the mixture of Bio enzymes pest control products with water on the soil or on leaves will reduce insect and it is a natural herbicidem which helping the plants to grow well. Bio enzyme fertilizers can enhance photosynthesis in plants and increase soil’s organic matter. As a result, plants will get more nutrients and their roots can absorb more air. Bio enzymes are key when it comes to building fertile soil, it is a natural fertilizer. It can make a barren land fertile.

Let’s take one step towards healthy body and environment, protecting the future , cultivating the nature.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.