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Thin Chicken Egg Shells and ABTL’s Breakthrough Solutions for Poultry Producers

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Poultry Industry is one of the major contributors to the agricultural economy, not just in India but at the global level. It plays a pivotal role in food production, trade and stability across the globe. However, this industry is threatened by the thin chicken egg shell issue, affecting both operational and economic aspects.

Thin Chicken Egg Shell – Identifying the Problem

To devise a solution, it is crucial to figure out the root cause of the problem. Several factors contribute to think chicken eggshells which are:

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies: Lack of essential nutrients like phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D in laying hens leads to thin eggshells.
  2. Environmental Factors: Hot weather also contributes to the problem as hens tend to eat a lot less, leading to reduced calcium intake, leading to thin eggshells.
  3. Health Issues: Diseases, hormonal imbalance and stress also contribute to thinner eggshells.
  4. Management Practices: Poor management of the coop like not cleaning it on time can lead to increased ammonia levels in hens, thereby affecting their ability to absorb calcium. Lower the calcium, thinner the eggshells.

ABTL’s Solution for Thin Chicken Egg Shell – Layzyme

It is very important to ensure that hens are well-fed and their coop is well-managed to overcome the issue of thin eggshells. However, it could be difficult to see the results even after doing everything right. This is where LayZyme comes into the picture, a cost-effective composition to enhance eggshell composition.

LayZyme is an optimised enzyme blend, comprising of xylanase and phytase that helps in boosting the feed efficiency in laying hens while improving the egg production and quality of egg shells.


A thin chicken egg shell is prone to breakage. However, the issue also brings several other concerns like low market value, food safety concerns and high production Costs. Invest in LayZyme today to enhance the quality of eggshells while also increasing the productivity and overall development of your bird.

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