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How Plants Obtain Nitrogen for Growth?

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How Plants Obtain Nitrogen for Growth?

A very popular combination for plant growth is NPK but do you know how Plants Obtain Nitrogen? Let us first understand what nitrogen is and how it is helpful in gardening.

Nitrogen is an important organic compound of many structural and compounds found in plant cells. It is also a basic component of many important organic compounds, such as amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, and the chlorophyll molecule. It is the nutrient that typically produces the highest yield / produce in crop plants, promoting rapid vegetative growth and providing the plant with a healthy green colour.

Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen is taken up by roots in the inorganic forms of nitrate NO3NO3 and ammonium NH+4NH4+ ions. Once inside the plant, NO3NO3 is converted to NH2NH2 and assimilated to form organic compounds. Plants need nitrogen to make proteins and other compounds. Plants take nitrogen from the soil in the form of inorganic salts called nitrates (or nitrites), these nitrates further through organic process needs to be converted into nitrogen. Nitrobacter is an important factor to induce nitrite to nitrogen conversion. Nitrobacter bacteria plays a significant role in the nitrogen cycle. They oxidize nitrite to nitrate in the dirt.

Plants that lack adequate amount of nitrogen grow slowly and appear weak. Older leaves will start appearing light green or yellow. Because nitrogen is mobile in the plant and moves to where it is needed, the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency are always seen first on the older and lower leaves.









Natural Bio Enzyme Fertilizers are the best way to add nitrogen to the soil. Nitrobacter Bacteria in the soil convert nitrogen to ammonium and nitrate, which plants absorb through a process known as nitrogen fixation. This nitrogen is used to produce amino acids, proteins, and DNA. Atmospheric Nitrogen can not be absorbed by the plants. Above-ground tissues of healthy plants typically contain 3 to 4% nitrogen. 

Overuse of chemical fertilizers kill the organisms present in soil. Also, over long period of time soil looses it’s bacteria rich quality and these beneficial bacteria needs to be introduced manually via fertilization process.
If you are looking for a long-term plant health, it is important to search for products with active Nitrobacter Bacteria than temporary Nitrogen solution.

Nitrogen is an important component of nucleic acids such as DNA, which is the genetic material that allows cells (and eventually entire plants) to grow and reproduce. There would be no life as we know it if nitrogen did not exist.

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