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Best Soil Health Management

Best Soil Health Management Practices For Your Garden

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Best Soil Health Management

soil health management

Healthy soil is the foundation of any farm or garden. It is much more than small dirt and stone particles, it’s a living eco-system of millions of microorganisms, their nutrient cycle and enzymes production. The plant’s health & the soil health is an interdependent life cycle that highly affects our environment. Every spoonful of soil consist of billions of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, insects, and earthworms that play important role in plant growth and development.

Some good bacteria and fungi breaks down the plant debris and any other organic tissues and convert into healthy nutrient rich food for plants.

Garden earthworms burrow and create pathways in soil that fill with air and water for plant roots.

But the other parasites like nematodes Erwinia, Pectobacterium, Pantoeacan damage the plant roots and reduce the ability of plant to absorb water and nutrients, ultimately reducing plants immunity.

It is important to develop soil health management system that improves plants immunity and resist the diseases forming bacteria. For this we need to understand the physical, chemical and biological factors of soil and how we can manage them.

Soil management helps in soil performance enhancement, reduces the need of fertilizers, and improves crop quality. Before planting, Apply soil improvement additives and powder based fertilizers to prepare the soil and protect plants from harmful soil bacteria and encourage rapid root growth. .

The Importance of Enzymes In Soil

Prepare a soil mixture and add Lawn Diet, A proprietary enzyme blend that add beneficial soil organisms and boost plant growth. The three primary parts include small (fresh) plant residues and small living soil organisms, decomposing (active) organic matter, and stable organic matter (humus).

Pest Control Management In Plants

It is important to maintain healthy soil and prevent disease causing bacteria and pest. As we all know prevention is better than cure, In plant management prevention of pest is the ideal practice.

Use Bioenzyme fertiliser  based pest control sprays which not only prevent but help you get rid of arthropod pests but also boost the plant growth with good dose of benefial bacteria and enzymes.

Minimize chemicals in garden

Minimize chemicals in garden

Chemical Pesticides kill pests, but they also can kill beneficial soil microbes and insects.

Before reaching for a chemical pesticides always consider enzyme based pest control and pest management sprayers:

  • Some alternatives to pesticides & low impact pesticides like neem oil, Knockpest, and  (Trichodermaviride)
  • Choose disease-resistant plant and spray the plants with disease controlling fertilizers.
  • Hand-pick larger bugs, such as Japanese beetles, from plants, and drop them in soapy water to kill them.
  • Use a blast of water from your garden hose to knock pest, insects off plants.
  • Use physical barriers like row covers, bags on apples, or fences to keep out larger critters.


Happy Gardening!

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